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Beth hart

Some artists have the ability to reach across generations. I never envisioned Beth Hart as being one. She has the ability  to  reach the depths of her soul unlike any other living artist. This video was shot this spring in a Catholic Junior High School in Chattanooga, TN. Her magic worked there as well. Listen to her lyrics and enjoy.

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Making a Decision, the Easy Way



It All Makes Sense to Me

You Dropped Food on the Floor. Do You Eat It?
By Andy Wright in Food Porn
Tue., Jan. 19 2010 @ 3:47PM

We’ve all been there: You dropped your cupcake on the ground. Did it land icing up, down? Can you just scrape off the icing? How many hours have you lost trying to decide? Here’s a time-saving flow chart to help out.

“The 30-Second Rule, A Decision Tree” by Audrey Fukman and Andy Wright. Click to enlarge.
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To Dunk, or Not To Dunk, That is the Question

Now I can enjoy with confidence.



Cornficker Bites

You didn’t listen: Conficker worm now infects 7 million computers – one year later

by JG Mason on Nov 2, 2009 at 03:16 PM

Back in November 2008, security experts became aware of Conficker, a worm that adds as many computers to its botnet as possible. Then in April of 2009 fear spread that April Fools Day, 4/1/09 would be dooms day, but it never came.  Instead, the worm has built a ring of 7 million machines around the world that only wait instructions on what to do next.  The only thing is, those instructions haven’t come.

Although Conficker is probably the computer worm most known about, PCs continue to get infected by it, said Andre DiMino, co-founder of The Shadowserver Foundation. “The trend is definitely increasing and breaking 7 million is pretty much of a landmark event,” he said.

But why no instructions?

Researchers have a couple of theories.  One is who ever built this thing is scared to do anything with it.  The clever code is adept at re-infecting systems even after it was removed.  Companies have spent time and money dealing with this potential threat and if caught the developer could be looking at a lot of time with the boys in blue.

The fear is with a botnet of 7 million and growing, the army could weaponize and have affect on a great many of us.  To be clear, it doesn’t seem this is the case today, but it is always a possibility.  The most common symptom of Conficker is a machine that cannot be logged onto.  The worm will attempt to gain access to other machines on the network by guessing passwords and in doing so will get locked out.

Do you have it?  Get tested

A simple test, called an Eye Chart is found at the Conficker Working Group that was set up to deal and track these issues.  It is a simple load and see if your machine loads images.  If so, you are clean if not, you can find which variant of the the worm you’ve got and how to expel it.



The United Nations Eats Here

International Delights

Yesterday daughters Lea Ellen and Dana arrived back home from Maine. They will only be here a few days but with Chad And Cheri coming tomorrow we will have” big fun”. Tonight was one of many international food-fests here at the Myslinsky house. Fran made Hummas and Dana made Buba Ganoush, both Lebanese recipes. I made Baked Lettuce, a dish from New Zealand and Potatoes with Pepper Sauce, which originated in Peru. For some reason no Polish recipes made tonight’s dinner. You would think if this clash of food cuisines  tasted great together, why can’t people get along. After all, Isn’t life just one continuous dinner party?

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Don’t Put a Steak Bone in Your Ear!

Gusher Warning
In the how stupid do they think we are category, this is a new one. I was so looking forward to riding down the hill on my skate board standing on my head eating Gushers with one hand and washing them down with hot McDonald’s coffee. Now I have to sit down. Ah wait, I’m an adult, I can do whatever I want!



College, Who Needs Educated, The Students or The Staff

tm logos

I decided several months ago to begin a new career. After thirty years of teaching employees, I wanted to share my experiences with others. There are many different skills that are developed when owning your own business; personnel management, marketing, inventory control, to name a few. Learning these skills from someone with real world experience should be better than reading text books.

As I have found, and rightfully so, even with real world experience, academic credentials are important. For me to teach at the Community College level, I will need to complete my Bachelors degree and begin work on a Masters. Generally a Masters Degree is required to teach at that level, but there has been some flexibility shown for those that are experienced in the subject matter and occasionally instructors are hired while a Masters Degree is being pursued. I am very fortunate that I will be teaching a few continuing education workshops to begin my academic teaching experience while pursuing my degrees.

The process for an adult to complete a degree was similar at all the colleges. After completing the admission process, an evaluation of past college work was conducted and I was given a good idea as to the course work I needed to complete. That’s when the similarities ended.

While all schools required a mix of basic learning courses to fulfill their core requirements, no two programs were the same. This eliminated the option of postponing the decision of choosing a program until after core completion. I also found that all schools were not aggressive in pursuing new students. This cavalier attitude is not tolerated in business so I was surprised when I found it in Education. Colleges of course are no more than businesses selling knowledge . While one college Program Director was very active and helped me understand the process, others missed appointments or didn’t return phone calls. I would have liked to make my school selection decision on merit, I feel that the actions of the Program Directors have made the decision for me. I guess I’ll let you know in 15-18 months how their decision turned out.

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Road Food – Why should you cross the interstate? Because there’s chicken on the other side.

Prices building
Prices Chicken
Since I love to travel and American travelers love to eat, here’s another of what I’m sure will be many, food tales from the road.

My latest taste of American cuisine was in Charlotte, NC. Price’s Chicken Coop has been a Charlotte tradition since 1962. “Southern fried chicken done right”, “great cheap eats”, and “top three in the US”, have all been used to describe Price’s. Located in downtown Charlotte, close to interstate 77, the Chicken Coop is a great stop for hungry travelers.
Prices Box

With take out only and and accepting no credit cards Price’s doesn’t pamper it’s customers. But with the areas best fried chicken, served in big portions at great prices, The Coop is always packed. There was room for about 15 customers inside and there is always a line outside, but the staff of at least 25 really know how to get you served quickly and back out the door. I had the 1/3 chicken dinner which proved to be enough for two.
The chicken was tender and moist, the hush puppies crunchy, the coleslaw creamy, and the tater rounds were well, tater rounds. So if your in Charlotte, hungry, and would like some “real” southern fried chicken, give Price’s a try. You’ll soon be saying, Colonel who?



Ink Calander by Oscar Diaz

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has designed a calender that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the date.
The ink is absorbed slowly, and the numbers are printed daily. One a day, until the end of the month.
He uses different colored ink for each month to symbolize the changing seasons.

The calender enhances the visualization of time passing and not just signaling it.
I wonder how long it must have taken Diaz to determine the weight, density, and the size of the embossed numbers in the paper needed to have the ink spread to two characters every 24 hours.
Although currently just a museum piece, maybe we could someday have our own. Then again, if we lived our days to the fullest, we wouldn’t need to watch them dwindle away on paper. Sometimes that’s easier said than done.


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