Road Food – Why should you cross the interstate? Because there’s chicken on the other side.

Prices building
Prices Chicken
Since I love to travel and American travelers love to eat, here’s another of what I’m sure will be many, food tales from the road.

My latest taste of American cuisine was in Charlotte, NC. Price’s Chicken Coop has been a Charlotte tradition since 1962. “Southern fried chicken done right”, “great cheap eats”, and “top three in the US”, have all been used to describe Price’s. Located in downtown Charlotte, close to interstate 77, the Chicken Coop is a great stop for hungry travelers.
Prices Box

With take out only and and accepting no credit cards Price’s doesn’t pamper it’s customers. But with the areas best fried chicken, served in big portions at great prices, The Coop is always packed. There was room for about 15 customers inside and there is always a line outside, but the staff of at least 25 really know how to get you served quickly and back out the door. I had the 1/3 chicken dinner which proved to be enough for two.
The chicken was tender and moist, the hush puppies crunchy, the coleslaw creamy, and the tater rounds were well, tater rounds. So if your in Charlotte, hungry, and would like some “real” southern fried chicken, give Price’s a try. You’ll soon be saying, Colonel who?


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