Doesn’t take long- once you get started.

I bought a piece of property several years ago located in the Wayne National Forrest, close to Fly, OH. We were going to sell the family home in New Martinsville and build a log cabin in Ohio. Well the economy went “south” and the price of logs went “north” and that was the end of that idea. I spent two years looking at my stakes in the ground with no progress in site.

After deciding a house wasn’t going to happen the plans were downsized and we started looking at small cabins. Most of them were of the roll off type. Factory built, trucked to the site and dumped on the ground. Many were well-built, but since they were designed for truck delivery, they were only 14 feet wide and 36 to 42 feet long.. Not really the shape that’s comes to mind when I would think of a cabin. I moved the stakes but again the project ground to a halt.

If you think the post is moving slowly, imagine how we felt. On December 27th, 2009 we discovered Weaver Barns, in Sugar Creek, Oh. Yes, just like it sounds, Weaver specializes in building barns and yard sheds and on occasion a cabin. We were so impressed with their quality that we signed a contract on December 31st. After factory building the walls, the cabin exterior was completed in  one and 1/2 days. They didn’t work as fast as my time-lapse  video but they were amazing.


Needless to say, those men know how to work. In case you couldn’t count there were six. We roughed in the electric and plumbing, Weaver came back and finished the interior, we did a little exterior decorating and what you see below was completed by July 31st.

So even though it was three years coming, once we focused on the Dream, and we added some Weaver, it took just a little time.


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