Recycling gone awry

Jungle jim

“In spring time a man’s fancy turns to love”, or the attic or the garage. Or the possibility that some of one’s possessions have outlived their usefulness. After my youngest child graduated from college my thoughts turned to, well, her Jungle Jim. That neglected collection of wood, plastic, Christmas decorations, and most importantly: memories.

The first thought was everything goes but the memories. Recognizing the importance of recycling, another use needed to be found. My first idea was a two- story out house. Since we have indoor plumbing and the engineering would be beyond me, that idea was quickly forgotten. After a visit to the garage,( remember spring and the garage), I realized some of my work tools needed a new home. The areas first two story storage shed would be built.

It started out very simply with four walls, a roof, a door, and a warning from my neighbor Ken Block, that basic construction doesn’t equal a finished project. Well he was right. One weekend turned into two weeks. I now have two doors, three windows, a deck (requested by my daughter Dana), solar lights, and a bottle tree. My wife then added landscaping and decorations. Now what do I have? Another neighbor calls it my, “Man Cave”, I call it a clean garage!
shed comp


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