Holiday Food, For The Dogs

During the Holiday Season we are overwhelmed with special, once a year treats. My sister’s Red Velvet Cake, my wife Fran’s Nut Roll, Susan’s Candied Spice Pecans are just a few. There’s peppermint candy here, chocolate toffee there. Everywhere you look, special treats. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.
Sometime during the Holidays sugar overload kicks in. Give me an apple, pear, or a head of lettuce, anything but sugar. Ah, there on the end table, I’m not wearing my glasses, but I see on the label,“Bite O ‘Blue, Get Real, Get Maine“. I squint to see the ingredients; dehydrated apples, “organic” wild blueberries, vitamin C, natural flavors, all in small treats without sugar. My caving will be fulfilled!
They tasted like blueberries, a little dry, but the package was left open so I gave that no thought, ate a few and moved on. Over the next week I ate all most all of them.
New Years had come and gone and it was time to take down the tree and cleanup the living room. There on table were the last of the blueberry treats. I though I should offer some to Fran before eating the last few. Did she want some? She said no, but our dog Hersey might, after all she said, they were Dog Treats.
DOG TREATS! The paw on the package should have given it away.No problem, I felt great, hadn’t gotten sick and I was happy that the fruits, and oh, the Dehydrated Natural Chicken Broth, all came from the USA. (Hershey doesn’t like Chinese Food) .Now I just wish I would stop trying to scratch my ear with my toes.No MSG I should have known.


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